Faculty Of Nursing

Professor Emine GEÇKİL

She graduated from Cumhuriyet University School of Nursing in 1993. She received her master's degree from Cumhuriyet University Health Sciences Institute (1996) and her PhD from Istanbul University Health Sciences Institute (2002) in Child Health and Disease Nursing. She worked as a Research Assistant at Cumhuriyet University School of Nursing between 1993-1998, as a Lecturer at İnönü University Malatya and Adıyaman School of Health between 1998-2006, and as a Lecturer at Adıyaman University School of Health between 2006-2014. At the same time, she was the Director of Adıyaman School of Health and the Head of the Nursing Department between 2003-2012. Between 2014 and 2017, she worked as an Associate Professor in the Department of Nursing at Necmettin Erbakan University, Faculty of Health Sciences, and received the title of Professor in 2017. She is currently the Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at Necmettin Erbakan University and the Head of the Department of Child Health and Diseases Nursing. He took part in studies at Birmingham University (England) for two months in 2012 as a visiting researcher.
She has 35 articles published in international and national journals in Child Health and Diseases Nursing, authoring 11 book chapters, edited one book, and 80 papers presented at congresses. She participated in 8 scientific research projects, was a coordinator in 5 projects, and was a researcher in 3 projects.