International Students Being in Turkey: Compliance




Necmettin Erbakan University International Student Being in Turkey within the framework of Social Sciences Student Workshop: Harmony Workshop was held on 25.10.2019. This workshop moderator is Ass.Prof. Müşerref YARDIM. Meanwhile workshop included only participant of international student. Students who have declared participation in international ideas for the problems they experienced on the observance of international students in Turkey.

In this workshop; the definition of the concepts of harmony, integration and assimilation, and the reflections of these concepts in international students. In addition, the problems experienced in the integration (integration) process have been noted. The most important serenade of international students in terms of adaptation can be described as people being prejudiced and behaving with similar thoughts to all international students through stereotypes. It has been mentioned that international students face discrimination and otherization. The lives, thoughts, etc., in the field of health, social life, and among institutions, have been expressed by international students participating in the workshop. Emphasis was placed on the lack of communication and interaction in the field of discrimination and otherization. communication and interaction are two very effective factors in adapting the individual to the new social environment. Around all these topics, international students have conveyed their experiences.

Being an international student in Turkey: in the concluding section of the integration workshop, proposals for solutions for the adaptation of international students are mentioned. As solution suggestions, we are not only in the same way as a solution;

1. Compliance must be double-sided. In other words, understanding is expected by both international students and the public; programs that bring together local and international students can be organized. Multicultural courses can be added to the curriculum from primary school.

2. Organizations that will bring together local and international students can be held on a neighborhood basis. With short films, content with messages about adaptation to billboards can be prepared.

3. It may be appropriate to teach Turkish teaching centers such as Tömer/Kondil not only on language teaching, but also on Turkish culture and social structure. In addition, experienced international students should explain and orientate the community to new international students

4. There is an attitude and attitude towards the policies of the state regarding the difficulties and discrimination encountered in institutions. In order for this situation to be resolved in a good direction, efforts should be initiated to raise awareness of the persons and institutions dealing with international students.

5. Media coverage of international students and introducing their assets to the local community can be effective in internalizing harmony. Keeping in billboards, ads, news, etc.

6. Implement social experiments and share them. it is effective in adapting international students.

Finally participant’s told last sentences. Next Ass.Prof Müşerref YARDIM finished workshop with ending speaking.