Secretary General

Ecevit Öksüz

Ecevit Öksüz, born in 1975 in Sandıklı, completed his primary and secondary education in Sandıklı and his high school education in Konya Imam Hatip High School. He completed his master's degree in Selcuk University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Management Organization.

Ecevit Öksüz, who worked in senior management positions in retail, construction, machinery, food and agriculture / livestock sectors, was appointed as the Secretary General of Necmettin Erbakan University in July 2019. Öksüz is married and has three children.

Currently, Turkey Imam oratory Foundation (Timav) that the Chairmanship Ecevit Orphan's, National Will Platform, Turkey Voluntary Organizations Foundation (TGTV), Islamic World Non-Governmental Organizations Association (UNIW), Civil Solidarity Platform Support Platform Training, Konya Civil Society Organizations platform, Konya Journalists Association, Writers Union of Turkey Konya Branch, Civil Society Organizations and active role in membership and others, such as the platform Advertisers Association Konya is located.