About our University

Although our university is a newly established university in Konya, which has a deep-rooted scientific background, it provides education in different departments and fields from medicine to basic sciences, from social sciences to engineering, and strives to educate our young people, who are our future, in a high spiritual, moral and equipped manner.

Our university has 20 faculties, 8 vocational schools, 28 research centers, 4 institutes, schools of foreign languages, Turkish Music Conservatory and 8 coordinators. Currently, our 35 thousand 171 students, 25 thousand 454 of whom are undergraduate, 2 thousand 872 of which are associate degree, 5 thousand 664 of which are graduate and 1,181 of them in pedagogical formation, 1,909 lecturers and 1,149 administrative staff, make their education life a qualified continue in the way.

As Necmettin Erbakan University, we strive for our students to be educated in a virtuous and cumulative manner with the strength we derive from Konya's deep-rooted knowledge of science and with our extensive academic staff. We are developing collaborations between our university and the industry sector. We care about our students doing internships within the education / training calendar starting from the first year of the university and we are doing important work in this field. In our university, we develop the laboratories used by our faculties, schools, institutes, research and application centers in accordance with today's conditions, and in this sense, we make the research infrastructure of our university stronger. Our university's Prof. Dr. As befits the name of our teacher Necmettin Erbakan, we are working hard to become a university whose name is mentioned first in our country and then all over the world.