Turkey Youth Movement Members Visited Our Rector


Turkey Youth Movement (T-GENÇ)’s Konya Office Coordinator Elif Şeker together with a delegation paid a visit to our Rector at his office. At the visit, Elif Şeker informed our Rector on the projects they carry out and said: “It has passed just two months since the foundation of T-GENÇ’s Konya office. During these two months, volunteers have made presentations at every field. They are currently working on “Kulağın Üşümesin Kardeşim” titled project. In March they will start the project titled “Yarının Liderleri”. We are in effort to develop and carry out projects in order to raise awareness in the context of social responsibility and to have our youth, other than usual patterns, take part in good deeds which are in the favor of our country and nation. We made this visit to share information on our fulfilled and planned projects after completing rapidly our establishment in Konya, with Mr. Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Şeker, the Rector of Necmettin Erbakan University. We learned about his opinions and suggestions, took notes so as to make use of his profound vision and perspective. We would like to express our gratitude to him for the time he spared for us and present our thanks.” 

Our Rector Mr. Şeker putting into words his utmost happiness of witnessing the presence of youth, this country’s future, at good projects: “It is very important taking part into social responsibility projects during educational years. To see the energy and synergy of these youngsters, who came to visit me, made me very happy. I learned about their planned projects and told my ideas about them. As university we attribute great importance to social activities and take as a duty to support our students. I would like to celebrate these young fellows for their social responsibility projects and their good plans and activities to be carried out in the future. I wish the continuance of their successful works and ease at their efforts.” 

After the visit at the rectorate office, the visiting delegation, our Rector and Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Aydın altogether had lunch. 

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