Selçuklu Kültür ve Med. Uyg. Arş. Merkezi



The Research Center for Seljuk Culture and Civilization was established to carry out following activities:

- To organize various national and international seminars, conferences and symposiums on civilizations

- To establish a special library consisting of books, newspapers and historical documents written and printed in various languages as well pictures and films about world cultures and civilizations

- To exchange students and academicians and to build partnerships with centers and institutions established for similar national and international purposes

-To assist students and academicians who are interested in civilization research in their studies

- To publish periodicals on civilizations in Turkish and in English

-To support national as well international projects, research and studies  about civilizations

-To take part in and support the activities of local regional and international centers and institutes working in collaboration with the Alliance of Civilizations Forum of the United Nation.