Our faculty of medicine started its educational activities as the first medical faculty of Konya province in 1982-1983 academic year, within the body of Selçuk University (https://www.selcuk.edu.tr).

A second medical faculty building was initiated and put into service in 2010 within a bigger campus area allocated by the government 22 kms far from us, and to prevent any confusion, this new faculty was named as <Selçuk University "Selçuklu" Faculty of Medicine>, with our faculty being referred to as <Selçuk University "Meram"" Faculty of Medicine>.

However, nearly concurrent to the newly given names of the two medical faculties, a new university named "Konya University" was founded by government in year 2010 (law no.6005 on July 14th, 2010; published in Turkish Republic Legal Gazette with no.27648, on July 21st, 2010), followed by separation/reorganization of some of the faculties and vocational schools of Selçuk University to be part of that new university.

During that period, the newly built and activated Selçuklu Faculty of Medicine resided as part of Selçuk University (as it was physically within the newly allocated campus of Selçuk University), and our medical faculty, even though being more than 20 years older than the new one became part of the newly founded university with the name of "Konya University Meram Faculty of Medicine" (with the decision of the Council of Ministers on Dec 12th, 2011). This also caused for our Internet domain names/emails to be "konya.edu.tr", which has turned invalid in the meantime.

In 2012, the name "Konya University" was changed another time to "Necmettin Erbakan University" (article no.20 of law no.6287; published in Turkish Republic Legal Gazette with no.28261, on April 11th, 2012). Similarly the Internet domain name was changed to "erbakan.edu.tr".

Lastly, the original "Meram" prefix was removed from the name of our medical faculty (appendices no.30 and no.158 to the Law for the Organization of Higher Educational Institiutions no.2809; published in Turkish Republic Legal Gazette with no.32177, on May 1st, 2023), finally leading to "Necmettin Erbakan University Faculty of Medicine".

As the result of these changes, we have graduates having differently entitled diplomas which can be summarized as follows:

1. Graduates from 1988 to 2011 (“Selçuk Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi”/“Selçuk University Faculty of Medicine”)

2. Graduates of the (intermediary) Konya University, which are only 7 in number, i.e. the irregular students who fulfilled all courses and applied for graduation in the short interval between
December 2011 and April 2012 (“Konya Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi”/“Konya University Meram Faculty of Medicine”).

3. Graduates of 2012 to 2023 (“Necmettin Erbakan Üniversitesi Meram Tıp Fakültesi”/“Necmettin Erbakan University Meram Faculty of Medicine”)

4. Graduates of 2024- (Necmettin Erbakan Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi/“Necmettin Erbakan University Faculty of Medicine”)