Our Quality Policies

On behalf of institutionalization
To create a modern, functional, independent, transparent, recognizable and progressive instructional structure
To continuously evaluate and develop all provided services within the framework of quality assurance
For education
To be the choice of the best physician candidates and physicians
Continually developing and implementing contemporary education programs
Provide modern education conditions and opportunities
Offer student-centered education
To be recognized and preferred internationally with international programs before and after graduation
For research
Strength the research infrastructure and opportunities
Increasing the number and quality of research
To train physicians having research culture and competence
Be an authority in national and international scientific platforms
On behalf of healthcare
Prioritizing the social benefit in the provision of health services and increasing the health level of the society
Provide modern and quality health services for patients
Increase the satisfaction of patients and employees
To be an institution that its students, employees, graduates and retirees are proud to be a member of and maintain their relationship
Will be carried out in line with its mission and vision.