Mission and Vision

Our mission is to be a leading institution for training physicians and scientists having a high level of knowledge and skills in universal standards, adopted ethical-moral values, teamwork, leadership and role models; to solve current problems in the field of health and contribute to the scientific world with research activities; and to provide health services having preventive medicine and protecting public health as a principle.
Our vision is to be a leading faculty in education, research and health service, contemporary-oriented, contributing to the development of science at national and international level and aiming to be a reference point in Türkiye and the world.
Institutional objectives
The institutional objectives of Faculty of Medicine are to train physicians who have social sensitivity and accountability; to comprehend the health problems of the public in the fields of education, health service and scientific research; to provide up-to-date services, information and solutions for improving health and preventive medicine; and to develop its infrastructure and human resources according to the needs of the age.
Educational objectives
With undergraduate medical education;
-To train physicians who are able to practice high level basic medical knowledge and continue their professional development under the guidance of science after graduation, respectful to human rights, have ethical values and strong communication skills,
-To provide a medical training program providing the necessary professional knowledge and skills to receive further education in any branch of medicine,
-To train physicians who have fully acquired the competencies in their fields and also have the knowledge, skills and effort to produce scientific results, and
-To constantly improve and update the under- and postgraduate education programs and provide training opportunities at international standards with modern and technological education opportunities.  
Educational objectives
-Organizing the pre- and postgraduate curriculum of the faculty based on the National Core Education Program (UCEP), gaining national and international accreditation and the dignity of equivalence, continuous updating and development of medical education content according to needs,
-Establishing a training program within the framework of Expert Board in Medicine (TUK) curriculum in postgraduate medical education, providing adequate practical and theoretical training opportunities, medical doctors thereby can be well trained in their field,
-To create student-centered education models offering rich options according to individual learning needs, the use of multiple, effective and technology-supported education and effective assessment and evaluation methods,
-Maximizing the infrastructure and laboratory conditions required for education,
-Developing and updating the qualifications of trainers for the personal and institutional development of educational activities, regular training of teaching staffs about the education program and methods, effective utilization of feedback mechanisms,
-Increasing the quality and number of master, Ph.D. and specialty education programs in order to conduct universal scale research and to train researchers,
-Providing students with a social and cultural environment in addition to medical courses, increasing the diversity of student societies and supporting their studies,
-To provide continuous and effective theoretical and practical medical education in disasters and extraordinary situations,
-Carrying out studies to develop the sense of belonging of students and faculty members.
Scientific Research Objectives of Faculty of Medicine
For students
To train students who are able to follow national and international level current literature and innovations, competent to reach scientific knowledge and research methods.
For assistant physicians
To train physicians who have a visionary perspective in the scientific field; motivated to take part in a scientific research; competent in scientific research methodology; contribute to the scientific literature; adapted to the scientific world; and adhere to research principles and ethical rules.
For faculty members
By strengthening the scientific research infrastructure, able to carry out multi-disciplinary studies leading to scientific innovations; to produce knowledge that contributes to the solution of health problems by analyzing the requirements of the age; and to increase scientific publications in terms of quantity and quality.
Scientific Research Goals of Faculty of Medicine
For students
To train physicians who can access and interpret scientific information in the field of health; acquire the necessary skills and methods of analytical thinking, problem solving and scientific research; have lifelong learning skills; and believe in teamwork and know how to share with the scientific community.
For assistant physicians
To train research assistants and young scientists able to establish scientific hypotheses about their areas of expertise; produce data using appropriate and up-to-date research methods; perform data analysis with the appropriate statistical model; share findings with the national and international scientific community and use in their area of expertise; and have analytical thinking, problem solving, lifelong learning and teamwork skills.
For faculty members
To increase the number of faculty members which can conduct national/international research projects in the concept of translational and "bench-2-bed" in order to produce knowledge in the solution of the current problems of the society in the field of health; produce high-impact publications and patents; contribute to the development of the institution's infrastructure; able to use the experiences of the concept of scientific literacy in medical training; and contribute to the development of scientific resources.
Service Objectives of Faculty of Medicine
To be a leading institution that meets national and international standards in the protection and treatment of the personal and public health; prioritizes the social benefit and provide equal, adequate and accessible service for all and offers up-to-date, qualified, high-level and sustainable services in all fields of medicine with its human resources and technical infrastructure.
To be a pioneer institution having cooperation with other health institutions in its region, exhibits a principled stance in national and international areas, values its employees, supports their professional and personal development, and protects the rights of staffs and patients.
Service Goals of Faculty of Medicine
In parallel with the development of medical technologies and the most suitable physical conditions, to provide equal health services to the society; to be a leading health institution in thematic fields by quickly integrating the current developments into the system; prioritizes being committed to ethical values in all staffs; maintain an institutional identity aiming at the highest success in its position; keep its staff up to date with the goal of superior success and support with necessary in-service training; and to always keep the satisfaction of patients and staff and the employees’ motivation at the highest level.