About Us

Faculty of Medicine started education as the first medical faculty of Konya in the 1982-1983 academic year within the body of Selcuk University. However, its name was changed to Necmettin Erbakan University on 11.04.2012.

Faculty of Medicine, Necmettin Erbakan University (FMNEU) has been a pioneer institution in advanced health care and medical education in its region since its establishment. FMNEU has been recognized as a state institution having strong tradition of excellence in medical science. With the physicians trained throughout its history of more than 40 years, mission of FMNEU has now gained a dimension throughout Turkey.

FMNEU provides services in the field of health services, research and medical education with strong faculty staff consisting of 135 professors, 61 associate professors and 56 assistant professors, who are competent in their areas in 43 different departments. Currently, 1693 students are enrolled in MD program. At the same time, 17 research associate/fellowship trainers and 685 resident/research assistants continue postgraduate and medical specialization studies. Every year, approximately 200-250 medical doctors and 100 resident physicians are graduated to serve Turkish and as well as world medicine. The point we have reached in the Turkish medical education is extremely exciting. This achievement fuels our determination for providing more successful, comprehensive and quality medical education, service and research.

More than 260 faculty members are appointed in the fields of basic, internal and surgical medical sciences to offer medical education and research activities along with health services. Our intern doctors (4th and 5th grade students) receive theoretical training in the lecture halls of the morphology building and the hospital. They receive their practical training at the bedside under the supervision of our faculty members. Medical students studying in the field of basic medical sciences (1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students) take their theoretical and practical lectures in the form of an integrated system in our classrooms located in the morphology building. Necessary infrastructure and legislative arrangements are now available so that our students can attend face to face in classes as well as online. Apart from the routine laboratories in the hospital service buildings, each departments in the field of basic medical sciences (Anatomy, Biochemistry, Histology, Physiology, Microbiology, Medical Biology) provides medical education and research in well-equipped students and research laboratories.

The opportunities required by the principle of "learning by practice", which is an important element of medical education, are offered to our students. Problem-based teaching applications and vocational skills training applications are offered to students in the basic sciences period. All students have opportunities to experience basic and emergency medical applications in simulation laboratories. Our young physicians, therefore can have higher success and self-confidence in medical training. Postgraduate level education is also given in different branches within the Institute of Health Sciences. In order to contribute to human resources in medical sciences, our Departments also provides Ph.D. programs within the scope of Higher Educational Council YOK-100/2000 program which supports 2000 graduate students in 100 priority fields of science. KONUDAM Experimental Medicine Application and Research Center is an important unit that supports translational scientific research.
FMNEU, which is one of the leading health institutions in Central Anatolia with its 1350 beds, has further increased this potential with a new hospital building. Departments of Algology, Chest Diseases and Brain and Nerve Surgery have already been accredited. Also, we have Konya's first oncology hospital, transplantation center where liver, kidney and bone marrow transplants are successfully performed, reanimation ünit with advanced technical equipment, newborn unit and intensive care unit.

In addition, an Accreditation Coordinatorship established including a Supreme Board and 9 sub-committees in May 2021. The first interim self-evaluation was performed in September 2021. According to the Accreditation Coordinator Guide the conditions were met at a rate of 37%. Together with the changes made, it was documented that this rate was increased by 53% with the completion of the studies requested from the boards on 31.12.2021. An official application has been made to the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Medical Education (TEBDAD) for accreditation process in early 2022.

FMNEU has caught the needs of the era in terms of health technology and medical education philosophy. Therefore, FMNEU gives confidence to its students, employees and patients, and pursues the future and success. It is the dynamic faculty of our country maintains its existence with the understanding of Mevlana.